We’ll supply your windows and cater for the diverse mix of your property style and your preferences. Our Upvc windows are now available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. You can choose from a combination of top openers, side openers and fixed panes, the range of styles is immense so you are sure to find a design to suit your home. Similarly, there is no reason to compromise when replacing an existing bay window. Using our versatile bay posts, any combination of windows can be assembled to achieve the correct angles.

UPVC window frame designs to choose from

You have a choice of bevelled or ovolo frames depending on your preference and the style of your property. You can see these frame designs below and we'll show you the designs when we come and visit you.

UPVC window frame hardware to choose from

Select from a range of different locking handle finishes. Choose from White, Gold, Chrome, Satin and Black to fit the style and taste of your home.

Our UPVC window frames comes in various finishes

You’ll have the freedom to select which colour you will want to suit your home. Colour options may vary depending on your chosen frame style (bevelled/ovolo). Please ask for further information. The below printed swatches are for your guidance only; please ask to see physical samples for a true representation.

White Gloss

White Woodgrain

Cream Woodgrain

Irish Oak



Light Grey Woodgrain

Dark Grey Woodgrain

Black Woodgrain

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